Where does your soul belong?

Do you ever feel like your soul belongs somewhere? For me, that place is outside in nature.

I grew up in Pennsylvania which means “Penn’s Woods” and it truly is a beautiful forest land. I would say that my love for nature began at a very early age thanks to my father.

As far back as I can remember, he was always taking me out with him to explore nature. Building forts in the woods and collecting natural clay in buckets from creeks to make pottery are some of my fondest early childhood memories. That place is very easy to remember and very difficult to forget.

I also grew up five minutes from one of the famous Great Lakes, Lake Erie. Home to some of the best sunsets in the world! I always felt truly blessed living so close to the water and I never took that for granted. One of the hidden gems in my hometown for me was Fisherman’s Beach.

The sound of the waves crashing paired with a beach fire and an amazing sunset was pure bliss. And how could I forget beach glass hunting? I always enjoyed the simple pleasure of walking along the shore searching for those little gems. Fisherman’s Beach was one of the best spots for beach glass hunting.

Moving away from home, and all that I loved, was a very hard transition for me. My husband enlisted in the military in 2015 and we were off to South Dakota. Living in South Dakota and experiencing a drastic difference in landscape compared to where I was raised was a very eye-opening opportunity. In 2019 we moved again to New Jersey, where I have been able to see other beautiful landscapes that I never thought I would experience.

I never really traveled much outside of my home state when I was growing up. Little did I know that moving away and supporting my husband’s military career was also part of my true calling, exploring America.

By definition, the word “Aesthete” means a person who has or professes to have, refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art or nature. I thought America Aesthete was the perfect name for this blog because to me there is nothing more freeing than a day spent out enjoying the natural beauty of nature.

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